Jeevan Anand – Plan No. 225



A unique combination of a whole life and endowment plan, ’Jeevan Anand’ combines investment return with profit at the end of the term and lifelong insurance cover. It is suitable for people who wish to provide for their dependents, insured sums, limit the premium payment term to their earning period and at the same time provide for their old age.


Full sum assured along with Bonus and Final Additional Bonus (if any) is payable, on maturity. Policy does not cease and insurance cover continues till death even after that.

Full sum assured along with the bonus is payable and policy ceases if death occurs within the term.

Full sum assured is payable without bonus if death occurs any time after the term of the policy.

Accident Benefit

Policyholder has an option to choose Accident Benefit cover by paying marginal additional premium. This cover is available during the premium paying term and thereafter up to age 70 years wherein additional sum assured is payable on death due to an accident. This benefit is subject to the overall limit of US $100,000 (including Accident Benefit taken under all other plans of LIC International).


Attribute Minimum limit Maximum limit
Sum Assured US $ 5000 and multiples of US $ 1000 No limit
Age Entry 18 Years 65 years (age nearer birthday
Age at Maturity 23 Years 70 Years (Nearer Birthday)
Term 5 years for regular and 15 years for Single Premium Policy 20 Years
Mode of Premium Payment Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Single

Sum Assured Rebate:

The plan is entitled for sum assured rebate if higher sum assured is opted.

Sum Assured Rebate on Full Term Premium Rebate on Limited Term Premium Rebate on Single Premium
US $ 15,000 to 29,999 $ 3.00 $ 8.00 $20.00
US $ 30,000 and above $4.00 $10.00 $40.00


Policy Loan

The Policy holder can raise a loan on the security of the policy after the policy has acquired paid up value by payments of premiums at least  for 3 years form the date of commencement of the policy. In case of single premium loan can be availed after 2 years form date of commencement of the policy.

Paid Up value

If premium have been paid for a period of three years and thereafter due to unforeseen circumstances, payment cannot be made, policy will automatically be converted into a paid up policy for a reduced sum assured, payable on the date of maturity or in event of unfortunate death, if earlier.

Premium Payment

 Choice of flexible premium payment, either throughout the term of the policy(Full Term Option) or for a limited term of 5 years or Single Premium is available.


Commutation of Premium

All future premium payable for the remaining period can be made in lump sum at a special discounted rate.

Premium Sealing

One can pay premium in advance up to a period of 5 years in lump sum at a discounted rate. Unutilized portion of lump sum amount, if any, is refundable.


A Special and unique facility available only to our policy holders to get their policies serviced at any of the branches of Life Insurance Corporation of India provided at least one full year premium has been paid and adjusted, if on repatriation, they desire their policies to be transferred to India.