Our Vision

Build a strong professional marketing Team committed to provide life insurance solutions to clients with reasonable returns. Leverage Information Technology and Teams’ commitment of care and concern to set highest standards of service.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life of the insuring population through financial security by providing products and services to suit their needs.

Board of Directors

Mr.V.K Sharma


Mrs. Usha Sangwan


Mr. Abdulrahman Ali Alwazzan


Mr. Rajesh Kandwal

CEO & Managing Director

Company At A Glance

LIC (International) BSC (C) came into existence on the 23rd of July, 1989 in the Kingdom of Bahrain in partnership with International Agencies Co. Ltd. (Intercol), with the objective of providing life insurance cover to the Indian Diaspora in GCC countries. The journey of LIC (International) BSC (C) in the past more than 26 years is an exemplary story of sharing and fulfilling dreams and prosperity of thousands of NRIs. The Company operates in 5 GCC countries:  Bahrain, Dubai Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

LIC (Int’l) enjoys a niche market position targeting Indian expatriate communities within the GCC countries. However, the Company got license to sell life insurance products to residents of any nationality in few markets.  The Company continues to deliver growth across all these countries leveraging the well-known Indian brand. Its parent company, state-owned LIC of India, is the strongest and the largest Life Insurance Company in India with the market share of more than 70%.

Starting its operations with USD 0.245 million of asset base, it has grown to more than a Billion-Dollar company today. With the market share of 47.48% and 95.03% in premium income and policies respectively as at 31st of December, 2015 (Source – CBB Insurance Market Review 2015), the Company has been the market leader in life insurance / long-term business in Kingdom of Bahrain for past many years.

To quote A.M. Best Rating Agency – “the Company has a strong and long track record of generating good profits driven by the sound and the consistent profitability or diversified global portfolio that has generated steady investment income and provides strong margin in excess of guaranteed payment”.

LIC (Int’l) has bagged number of awards and accolades including the prestigious MEIF 2012 from Central Bank of Bahrain, for its innovative products and customer service. The Company has always lived up to the trust of its customers by delivering on its promises through product innovation, excellent customer service and adoption.


Year 2014 2015
Total Premium 256.30 387.33
Life Fund 1047.06 1319.59
Total Assets 1240.47 1504.12
Overall Expense Ratio 6.90% 5.80%


  • 13,858 Policies with a Sum Assured of USD 177.23 million and a first premium Income of USD 287.09 million was underwritten by the Company, in the year 2016.
  • The total Premium Income for the year 2015 was USD 387.33 million.
  • During the year 2015, an amount of USD 117.77 million has been paid to Policyholders by way of claims as against USD 86.93 million during the year 2014.

Our Products – Our Pride

The huge and wide range of products have been designed in a way to cater to the special need of a customer from any segment- life cover, attractive return, liquidity, provision for children’s education/marriage, health coverage or pension.

The company also has a group insurance plan suitable for organizations/ establishments and associations.

Through an agreement with the parent company i.e. LIC of India, the company offers unique advantage to its policy holders in a shape of portability of policies to India, if opted for.

Our Products

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