Chairman Mr. V.K. Sharma Receiving the Golden Peacock National Training Award I (GPNTA) by IOD ‘Dubai Global Convention 2017’

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IOD – The Institute of Directors is a business organization for company directors, senior business leaders and entrepreneurs. The IOD, per its mission statement, stands for “free enterprise, entrepreneurialism, wealth creation and good corporate governance”.

Promotes the public benefit high levels of skill, knowledge, professional competence and integrity on the part of directors. It also promotes the study, research and development of corporate governance.

Golden Peacock Awards, instituted by the Institute of Directors (IOD), India, are now regarded as a benchmark of Corporate Excellence worldwide.

IOD Presents ‘Dubai Global Convention 2017’ the 27th World Congress on Business Excellence and Innovation.

The convention took place in The Grand Hayat Hotel – Dubai, UAE on 18th- 20th April, 2017; the theme was: “Driving Performance Excellence through Disruptive Innovation and Visionary Leadership”.