Now Use Our mobile application and get all your policy/insurance related information at the go !!!

The mobile application being launched by L.I.C(Intl.) is having the following salient features :-

1. HOME PAGE: It consists of all the popular plans of L.I.C (Intl.). By just clicking any link (plan) one can see all the important information/features of that plan.

2. PRODUCTS: This section contains all the plans of L.I.C (Intl.) divided in categories.The categories are whole life, endowment, health cover, investment, joint life, money back, pension, term assurance and ULIP plans. Details of all the existing plans are given for each plan. Customer/policy holder can view different plans depending upon the choice of category.

3. NEWS: This section contains all the important news related to L.I.C(intl.) like launching of the new plans and declaration of the bonus etc.

4. HLV CALCULATOR : With this option any existing policy holder or the prospective customer can check his human life value to buy insurance for himself and to check whether he/she is adequately insured.

5. POLICIES: This options is created specially for the existing policy holders and for the inforce consultants of L.I.C (Intl.).
i) The existing customer can log in to the application and check all the important informations/details like list of his total policies, premium due calendar, due SB & Maturity and list of all the lapsed policies. Policy holder can check how much loan is available/availed in his policy, how much amount is to be paid for reviving the policy etc.

ii) The in-force consultants (All GCC) can also see all the above details of all the policy holders under their agency code. Consultants can use premium due list to collect the premium and due SB/MAT list to get the claim settled or to recycle it and the lapsed list to revive the lapsed policies.

6. BRANCHES : This option can be used to get the location of the branches of L.I.C (Intl.), address of the branches, calling and e-mailing to the concerned branch offices.

7. CONTACT US : This option can be used to send the e-mail by the existing policy holder or prospective customer to the concerned branches. With the help of mobile number, the e-mail shall automatically go to the concerned branch.